Imagination creates a force for attraction.

01/06/2015By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

Imagination creates a force for attraction. Imagination is a possibility engine that is driven by passion. Passion creates energy and encourages engagement as ideas gain interest, attracting others to add their own thoughts and participate. To attract the customer, every venture and every destination is looking for creativity, because where you find talent, innovation soon follows. At … Read More

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

09/03/2016By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The business environment is changing. Technology, globalisation and shifting economic forces have disrupted businesses and employment, as companies reorganise, outsource and rightsize. Agility is an attribute required of corporate leadership; to be able to read the play and make the right moves. In this era of transition, having a strong … Read More