Greatness will be revealed.

28/07/2016By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

Greatness will be revealed. Instead of following the trend of CGI images displaying what a finished building will look like, Rialto developed a more imaginative approach. R-Co worked closely with The Rialto to explore solutions that linked to Italian heritage and the style of the Rialto brand. Through this exploration, the Venetian mask idea was conceived. The … Read More

Innovation: Visualising ideas of the future.

13/11/2015By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

Innovation: Visualising ideas of the future. Strengthening competitive advantage with design.  Australia’s $90 billion Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector provides vital support to the global mining industry. It is a key platform for Australia’s future prosperity with a focus on knowledge-based jobs, STEM skills, and world leadership in research. METS is a high technology … Read More

Queen Victoria Market given a new look.

15/09/2015By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

Queen Victoria Market given a new look Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market has unveiled a new brand identity creating a greater sense of place and contemporary style for the much-celebrated destination. The new brand, designed by R-Co, is represented by a vibrant palette of colours to symbolise the energy and diverse experiences of Queen Victoria Market; set … Read More

Imagination creates a force for attraction.

01/06/2015By R-Co BrandBranding, Design, Identity

Imagination creates a force for attraction. Imagination is a possibility engine that is driven by passion. Passion creates energy and encourages engagement as ideas gain interest, attracting others to add their own thoughts and participate. To attract the customer, every venture and every destination is looking for creativity, because where you find talent, innovation soon follows. At … Read More