Branding the Experience.

Journey Beyond is Australian owned, has a growing national footprint, and is fast positioning itself as one of Australia’s largest experiential tourism businesses in the country.

The Journey Beyond Brand Story serves as the blueprint for all marketing programs, materials and communications across all key stakeholder groups.

Creating a brand story is not simply about standing out and getting noticed. It’s about why a customer wants something, what they care about and want to buy into. In other words, “I think this brand likes me.”

For Journey Beyond it’s about thinking beyond the utilityand functionality of products and services, it’s about striving for the creation of loyalty and meaningful engagement with their audiences.

The Journey Beyond brand identity conveys the spirit of discovery, a series of experiences that create lasting visitor memories.

The Creative Idea that was used to bring the Journey Beyond brand to life was ‘we all live under the one sky’.

Journey Beyond Story
Journey Beyond Logo