Innovation: Visualising ideas of the future.

Strengthening competitive advantage with design. 

Australia’s $90 billion Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector provides vital support to the global mining industry. It is a key platform for Australia’s future prosperity with a focus on knowledge-based jobs, STEM skills, and world leadership in research. METS is a high technology and integrative sector that will enhance the job prospects and opportunities for future generations of Australians.

R-Co was engaged to undertake a brand development program.

The METS Growth Centre branded as “METS Ignited”, was launched in October by the Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, The Hon Christopher Pyne, as part of the Federal Governments $225 million Industry Growth Centres initiative.


Using our strategic methodology, R-Co defined the Brand Idea to be “Catalyst for Growth” with the positioning “Engage in our future”. In conjuction with our client, the name METS Ignited was then developed.

The brandmark suggests activation and change as the multi coloured prism expands upward and reaches outward. It’s an energetic symbol of collaborative connections. The earthy colours suggest a relationship with mining and industry, but also the green of new beginnings. From an Innovation Idea, identity design has created meaning for stakeholders that informs, inspires and motivates. A full identity program is currently being implemented.

Cracking the innovation code with creativity. 

Promoting an innovation culture in Australia requires branding strategies that communicate capability, bringing the “Innovation Idea” to life as an Identity that can be understood and embraced. The strategic principles behind the design of identity have a stakeholder focus – who are you, what is your purpose and why does it matter ?

Having a stakeholder focus requires a Proposition – “what’s in it for the audiences?”  With a clear proposition, creativity can transform an Innovative Idea into a compelling reality that engages efficiently and effectively.

Using this strategic approach will deliver engaging outcomes that can be marketed to customers and investors. For the start up and innovation community, this converts into bankable propositions.

Creativity has the power to solve business challenges because ideas and imagination sustain growth.

There is an opportunity to use the principles of creative brand thinking and design excellence to support the new culture of Australian innovative enterprise that the Federal Government is championing.