Imagination creates a force for attraction.

Imagination is a possibility engine that is driven by passion. Passion creates energy and encourages engagement as ideas gain interest, attracting others to add their own thoughts and participate. To attract the customer, every venture and every destination is looking for creativity, because where you find talent, innovation soon follows. At R-Co, we seek to scale imagination to create the new and the better.

As the brand agency for Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, R-Co attended a global Market forum in Barcelona (image features shellfish display from Mercado de San Miguel). The passion and creative energy found in the diverse market environment and the social cohesion that markets create for cities was a recurring theme. Cities and communities are increasingly defined by diverse cultures. Integrating these cultures more fully into the urban fabric by making places, and the space in between, engaging and inspiring is a big ‘imagination opportunity’ for the future. In making our urban environments better places to live, work and play in, Return On Imagination counts for just as much as Return On Investment.

The challenge for the Queen Victoria Market and the City of Melbourne is to manage complexity, because you cannot simplify it. The Leonard French stained glass ceiling in the National Gallery of Victoria could be seen as a metaphor for Melbourne. The frame represents the physical order of the city, the colours represent culture and diversity and the light symbolises the way Melbourne enquires and reflects.


The world’s largest stained-glass ceiling in the NGV’s Great Hall, designed by Australian artist Leonard French, was opened on August 20, 1968.


AgIdeas poster

Richard Henderson was invited to contribute a poster for the 25th Anniversary of the AgIdeas event in Melbourne. Finding inspiration in the left and right energies of the brain, the design by R-Co conveys their character. The imagination of the many speakers at the conferences over twenty-five years is symbolised by the abstracted form of the front and side face profiles.



The identity for tile retailer Pavé is based upon the eloquent simplicity of a mosaic pattern. The possibilities for tiles to imaginatively transform an environment are unlimited. R-Co creatively directed the brand, with interior by Wayne Finschi Design.