How we helped Tennis Australia brand their world blue.

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam® of the year and holds special place in the hearts of tennis players and fans around the world. 

R-Co is proud to have contributed to the experience through the design of brands that reflect the spirit of the game in Australia. The brand colour created by R-Co, suggests our sunny blue skies and is now synonymous with the Australian Open and Tennis. The blue of the courts can be seen from Google Earth.

The fluid flow of athletic form and function, the precision of the court layout and the fastidious fashion of players with their own brand statements, delivers a spectacular orchestration of design. Against this vivid field of play, the Tennis Australia and Australian Open brands engage with the world, delivering value through beautiful design that is memorable, timeless and meaningful. They are a distinctive reminder of the magnificence of the game and the place where the Australian Open is played here in Melbourne, Victoria.


Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia’s purpose is: “To make Australia the greatest tennis nation on the planet”. The identity was developed to act as an overarching master brand. The brandmark has become a valued asset as its colour and design symbolises the game – serve, return, volley and lob integrated to from the letter ‘A’. It’s a classic statement of simplicity.


The Australian Open

The Australian Open is the world’s biggest sports and entertainment event in January, providing fans with a mix of world-class tennis and live entertainment. The iconic silhouette of a player against a hot summer sun is an instantly recognisable symbol that the world’s top tennis players are in Melbourne for the action and excitement of the Australian Open, on the courts of Melbourne Park.


The Brisbane International

A crowd of almost 100,000 fans turned out to share in eight days of on-court action and off-court entertainment at Brisbane International 2016 presented by Suncorp, where Milos Raonic (CAN) and Victoria Azarenka (BLR) were crowned men’s and women’s singles champions. The trophies, based upon the identity of the Brisbane International, are aspirational in their form and have become a valuable brand asset of the event. The contemporary design is constructed from three interlocking parts affixed upon an acrylic base upon which the winner’s names are etched. The perpetual trophy stands almost 70cm high, whilst the smaller individual winner’s trophy is a 30cm statuette. The design of the trophies sets the Brisbane International apart from more traditional awards and demonstrates Australian design innovation in their creation and construction.


Hot Shots

With a strategic objective of “more kids playing tennis more often,” the Hot Shots brand has “seen over 600,000 kids around the country pick up a racquet and play tennis ” (2013 Tennis Australia Annual Report). Based upon the three progression stages of red, orange and green, the identity has been enthusiastically embraced and reflects the vitality of a youthful tennis experience.


Cardio Tennis

Bringing people into and back to tennis is the objective of Cardio Tennis, a high energy format designed for enjoyment and health benefits. Close to 600 coaches and fitness trainers deliver the program to more than 17,000 participants. The identity conveys a mix of fun and approachable style with heart pumping activity.


The Newcombe Medal

The Newcombe Medal is the pinnacle award presented at the annual Australian Tennis Awards night of nights. Named after the legendary John Newcombe, the medal was won by Sam Groth in 2015. The precise interlocking rings of the medal recognises the players, coaches, clubs, communities, volunteers and officials who contribute to the success of tennis in Australia. Crafted in white gold and stainless steel, the medal is a tactile symbol of the passion that drives commitment and the fulfilment that comes from achievement.