Designed for China.
Made in Australia.

Innovation and creativity have long been valuable attributes of Australia. Our national design capabilities are internationally recognised and have been exported around the world, across all disciplines and throughout all market sectors. 

A key platform for the Federal and State Governments is globalisation of Australian businesses and building strategic relationships to access international markets. In April 2016, 1000 Australian companies were in China, understanding the culture, engaging with opportunity and developing relationships. In 2016, R-Co established its office in China, exporting our brand design expertise into a two-way conversation with Chinese enterprise.

R-Co will be assisting Chinese companies to develop quality brand identities that will strengthen perceptions of Chinese products and services with global audiences outside China. There is a synergy between three themes of Chinese culture which R-Co believes complement our own philosophical approach to design and life. Respect, there is a natural hierarchy in the Chinese view of the world; Taoism, a tradition of living in harmony and balance; and thirdly, the Chinese ethic of working hard to achieve outcomes. “I always think that designers are a major player in social progress and human civilisation. Design is changing our life”, remarks Yu Yongfang, R-Co Asia Design Director.

Recent projects by R-Co demonstrate the importance of communicating the corporate purpose using identity principles to inform, inspire and motivate. Brand design gives shape to the future.




Yilida is the largest HVAC fan supplier in China producing more than 25,000 fans per day. Using the creative idea “smart air”, R-Co developed the brand image that is being applied throughout the company’s offices in Taizhou, Zhejiang province.


Teach for Australia brand

Teach for Australia is an ambitious social movement working to confront educational disadvantage in Australia. The identity reflects the inclusive nature of Teach for Australia’s vision, “an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.”


Designed in Australia

The Designed in Australia brandmark is the Design Institute of Australia’s accreditation for products and services of Australian design origin. R-Co based the identity on the indigenous boomerang, a unique design synthesis of form and function.


The CIMIC Group

The CIMIC Group is one of the world’s leading international contractors. The name CIMIC (Construction, Infrastructure, Mining, Investment Construction) and identity evolved from the idea of “transformation”. The brand program has assisted the company to evolve, providing a future focus for the various business brands in its portfolio.