Creating a story of Oneness Down Under.

Creating Oneness Down Under
Creating Oneness Down Under

How can Australia be more Australian?

We are experiencing change in every aspect of our lives. Globalisation, technology and digitalisation, migration, climate change, social cohesion and the forces of disruption are challenging our sense of control.

Do we have a clear national purpose to give Australians confidence that we will thrive and prosper whilst maintaining values in a changing world? 

How can we inspire our diverse communities and provide the economic, social and educational endeavours that encourage a desire to excel? 

What is the consistent story that business can tell in selling products and services globally and creating new jobs locally? 

Are our national communications reinforcing leadership and the advantages of engaging with Australia’s open economy and talented people?

We need a unified brand that represents a story of the “Australian experience”, a narrative and an identity that finds the common ground and tells a purposeful truth about Australia’s future place in the world. 

For the Nation Brand, the story could be that Australia is internationally relevant and better placed to offer new opportunities, not just because of its wealth of collective experience, but because it has a worldly, forward thinking viewpoint. 

The question is: what does it mean to be an Australian and what image could represent that story and feeling?