To grow and prosper, brands need new ideas and strategies. Brands also need fresh creativity to ensure the business communications deliver brand value because they are relevant and impactful.

Standing out from the crowd invites attention. Being different empowers the brand's unique story. Being different creates brand desire and builds brand loyalty.

Be different and make a difference, through the impactful brand value of the identity design.

R-Co Brand Brand Value

Brand Tasmania

Brand Tasmania used brand strategy and design to express its vision of being recognised as a leader in the world of islands, with a global reputation for quality products and services.

The brand mark is used to identify and promote Tasmania as a place of origin in its marketing efforts with private sector companies, industry, education, community, and local and state government.

R-Co Brand Value

The Royal Childrens Hospital

The Royal Children’s Hospital required a new identity that would express the essence of RCH and support the new building in a parkland setting. The brand promise “unified spirit of care for children” is the identity’s inspiration. Supporting the icon is a considered brand architecture system that integrates all hospital communications within a disciplined strategy.

R-Co Brand Value

Australian Super

AustralianSuper is Australia’s largest superannuation fund. The brand uses a monolithic strategy to position all the company’s offers under the master brand. Companies using a consistent and disciplined identity design approach reinforce their positioning at every brand touch point.

R-Co Brand Value

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market used a new identity to celebrate all that is great about Melbourne’s favourite landmarks, and its connections with people and life. The identity was used to inspire a new attitude and reinforce a destination that’s dynamic and vibrant. Queen Victoria Market, “Your market, forever".

R-Co Brand Value

TerryWhite Chemmart

The launch of the TerryWhite Chemmart brand comes following the merging of two of Australia’s most prominent pharmacies — TerryWhite chemists and Chemmart pharmacy.

Solid increases to earnings and revenue have been attributed to higher levels of brand recognition and providing a differentiated customer proposition of “Your health is in good hands“.

R-Co Brand Value


In 2015, Leighton Holdings underwent a brand name change. This follows the acquisition of Leighton by Spanish construction group ACS in 2014 and the subsequent restructure of the company. The name CIMIC (Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concessions) is a palindrome. The graphic identity reflects the the idea of 'transformation' and assists in the communication of the company’s new vision and purpose, to both internal and external audiences.