Australia Day. Love all.

The best identities are created through story telling. The Tennis Australia brand identity by R-Co engages because the story of the game is retold in the mark itself.

Serve, return, volley and lob are integrated in a crafted design to form the letter “A”. The vibrancy of the colour and discipline of  the precise arcs express a passion that connects both spectator and athlete with the spirit of the game, told simply and beautifully as a design love story.

A great example of a picture being worth a thousand words illustrates how the strategic design thinking of R-Co delivers business advantage to capture the essence of an organisation’s purpose.

R-Co Tennis Rod Laver Arena


The idea of transforming the courts of Melbourne Park by branding them blue formed part of R-Co’s brand strategy. The blue courts are now immediately recognised as being ‘Melbourne Park’ and act as a graphic place-making brand statement. The blue courts remind us of entertaining memories and the promise of action yet to come. They remind us of the brilliant colour of an Australian sky and the sensations of a hot summer.  

R-Co’s thinking, imagination and design equals “game, set, match” - a winning brand formula for Tennis Australia.


Source: Tennis Australia



With a strategic objective of “more kids playing tennis more often,” the Hot Shots brand has aspiring champions all over the country picking up a racquet to play tennis. 

Based upon Hot Shots’ three progression stages of red, orange and green, the identity has been enthusiastically embraced and reflects the vitality of a youthful tennis experience