R-Co Asia. Reaching further.

R-Co has been a design ambassador in China since 2003, establishing a two-way conversation with design leaders in the region. This sharing of ideas has created new ways of seeing – and reshaped our approach to design and creativity.

From a design viewpoint, China offers one of the most exciting challenges of our time. With offices based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, R-Co Asia provides an invaluable resource and rich network – allowing us to present design intelligence and expertise from a broader perspective. rr-co.com.au/about


中国的崛起给她的民族,乃至全世界,提供了一个创造性的挑战 。这是关于创造明日新世界的旅程的起点。这一切的中心是,中国的年轻一代。 他们积极乐观,富有想象力,并且拥有创造有序世界所需要的一切能力 —— 这是他们的传统文化中所存在的根深蒂固的优秀品质。


R-Co Melbourne Office

R-Co Melbourne Office

R-Co Shanghai Office

R-Co Shanghai Office

Presentation card for Chinese New Year 2017

R-Co Chinese New Year 2017

R-Co advertisement for Design 360° Magazine

R-Co 360 Design Magazine

Poster celebrates 30th anniversary of Macau Design Association included in exhibition.

R-Co Macau Poster

Simplicity and significance. Image by Richard Henderson – lecture tour in Wuxi
摄于2005年无锡,Richard Henderson参加讲师之旅

Richard Henderson – lecture tour in Wuxi

2017 Brand Identity project for Yilida

R-Co Yilida Website
R-Co Yilida Brochure
R-Co Yilida Brochure