Every brand has a story.
It’s our job to tell it.

What makes a successful business? Hard work. Determination. Insight. Vision. These attributes are what forge your reputation. This is how your business becomes outstanding. The brand of your business also plays a major part in building success – it’s your public face and your inner strength. A great brand tells your story to the world in the best possible way. At R-Co we seek out our clients’ stories in order to create memorable brands that engage your audiences with persuasive design solutions. Headed by noted Australian designer, Richard Henderson, we understand that every successful creative solution begins by understanding our client’s vision and business needs.

R-Co. Beautiful design created with insightful thinking. Our business. Our story. Our brand.

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Brand is all around us,
influencing our lives everyday.

The best brands are meaningful, consistent, memorable. They encourage loyalty and trust. They’re a short cut to people’s understanding of what your business stands for. With access to over 30 years experience, R-Co provides insight and knowledge to help address our clients’ unique challenges. Unearthing stories. Problem solving. Engaging emotions through design excellence. Then integrating the brand design across all touchpoint to create a persuasive relationship with audiences. These are at the heart of successful brand building and what R-Co understands so well. From creating a crafted logo to overseeing the design and marketing for some of Australia’s biggest brands, we’ve proven our success time and time again.



Every brand requires a distinct, authentic narrative – in order to form memorable and meaningful connections with the audience. Our skills and expertise guide us to imaginative concepts that are strategically aligned and consumer driven.

  • Brand alignment with Business Plan
  • Brand diagnostic
  • Brand strategy (positioning, values, personality, promise, story)
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand identity
  • Branded environments
  • Destination branding
  • Brand guidelines

Strategy, Marketing & Communications

Before developing a strategy for your brand we ask the following; What are you offering? What makes you different? Why should customers believe you? These questions begin the research we undertake at R-Co – ensuring your marketing and communication needs are anchored in strategic thinking and a detailed plan of how to achieve them.

  • Strategy and research
  • Photography and art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Wayfinding / signage design
  • Packaging
  • Experiential design
  • Communication design


The digital world is critical for any brand, presenting exciting ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. R-Co understands digital intimately – from strategy, UX, design, back-end and marketing perspectives. We focus on brand and user experiences that inspire people to engage, interact, share and purchase.

  • Digital strategy and planning
  • User experience design
  • Website and mobile design
  • Intranet design


At R-Co we never lose sight on the
importance of simplicity.

R-Co’s reputation as design leaders comes from creating imaginative, meaningful brands. We combine science with art; problem solving and drilling back down to the basics to ask the most important question, what are we really trying to say? Only once we are able to answer that can we advise the best creative direction forward. When developing brands, we’re hands on. We listen to our clients. We analyse the desired strategic outcome. We undertake the appropriate thinking to discover creative possibilities. We collaborate to achieve success, providing crafted design solutions to the highest standard, on time and on budget. r

Keep It Simple


Richard Henderson R-Co Brand

Richard Henderson
CEO and Creative Director

Ann-Marie Romaine  R-Co Brand

Ann-Marie Romaine
Finance and Administration Director

Vicki Boerema  R-Co Brand

Vicki Boerema
Creative Strategy and Copywriting

Sam Merrigan R-Co Brand

Sam Merrigan

Michael Canturi  R-Co Brand

Michael Canturi
Design Director

Yongfang Yu R-Co Brand

Yongfang Yu
Design Director, China

Peter Nedanovski  R-Co Brand

Peter Nedanovski

Simon Mariani  R-Co Brand

Simon Mariani
Digital Manager

Yada Santibhut R-Co Brand

Yada Santibhut
Client Services Manager

Karen Liang  R-Co Brand

Karen Liang
Executive Assistant

Barry Yang R-Co Brand

Barry Yang